A New Beginning

At the begging of every decade, I consciously think about a goal or new skill I would like to acquire. For many years I’ve played with writing and thought about writing and procrastinated over writing. At 49, I thought it was time to give myself a kick in the pants and start writing for real. My first step is taking an online course called The Craft of Magazine Writing. It’s been a wonderful challenge, and a scary proposition.

What if no one wants to read what I write? What will I do about the many rejections from editors I’m bound to receive? What if I fail miserably?

Maybe these are the wrong questions. Maybe I should change all those negatives into positive. Maybe then I’ll anticipate success instead of failure.

What if everyone wants to read my stuff? How will I cope with all the yeses from editors? What if I succeed beyond my wildest dreams?

Here’s to jumping feet first off this bridge of trepidation.

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