A Bit of a Stretch: From a Tortoise to a Hare

I recently volunteered to edit a friend’s upcoming websites (a new business venture, and another yet to be revealed). He jumped at the offer and proceeded to send me random bits of information; apparently, he misunderstood my offer. After clarifying with him that what he really wanted was a copywriter, I naively agreed to take on the project.

If you’ve read my previous posts, you know I have a dream to one day be a published magazine article writer. However, copywriting has definitely been something I’ve also been considering. They do have some similarities, but it’s really a whole new area of writing for me. I’m not sure how all this will pan out, but it’s been an interesting ride working from inside someone else’s head.

STRETCHING is an important exercise, and my writing muscles are getting a good workout, but it’s distracting me from getting some of my own writing accomplished. I finally asked for a deadline (my antidote for procrastinating) and his generous response was 1 week (apparently he’s a procrastinator).

EEEKS! I’m contemplative, I like to think on things for a while, I’m not a think-on-your-feet kinda gal. Nevertheless, this has enabled me to see maybe I have what it takes to make it in a more fast-paced world than I’m used to. Perhaps this tortoise can turn, at least temporarily, into a hare.


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