I Get Knocked Down: Trying to Get Back Up Again

Life has a way of trouncing your plans. But, cliche as it sounds, sometimes difficulties can open the door for something new, something unexpected. Or they can force you to evaluate your life and make some much needed changes.

Lyme Disease is my curve ball. And as a friend of mine says–who had a life altering stroke at 39– “This isn’t the midlife crisis I was counting on”. The suffering and shift in lifestyle has been humbling and humiliating; frustrating and frightening. But, it has also been the doorway for me to start writing seriously, something that’s always been pushed to the back page of my life.

I’ve always made excuses or said the infamous, “some day”. Now that life has left me with no alternative but to work from home at my own pace and my own hours, it would seem fate has put me in this place.

It hasn’t been easy. You don’t realize how much energy mental and emotional actions take until a disease robs you of your vitality. However, writing is something I love to do. So even though I’m exhausted after a very short time, it’s worth the effort and the pleasurable payoff I get from completing an article or blog post or magazine query.

It’s unfortunate I waited until sickness forced me to take up my passion. This would work much better and would be much more gratifying from a healthy place. But, I’ll keep plodding on, and fighting for my health and finding pleasure in the simple things of life like words and well written ideas.


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