Snowshoes and Sanity: Coming out the Other Side

After over a year of debilitating symptoms from Lyme disease, I’m back on my snowshoes, reveling in the crisp, winter air and snow-blanketed woods and fields. I started out with just 15 minutes of hiking a few days ago, and am already up to 30. You don’t realize how important something is to you until you are unable to do it anymore. I’m still a ways off from full recovery, but just being able to spend time outside during the winter is a boost on my road to health.

Getting outside has greater side effects than simple exercise. The exposure to nature is having a rejuvenating affect on my immune-stressed body. With every ray of sunshine, every breath of fresh air and every earthy experience, my body is being infused with endorphins. My tired mind is being refreshed and restored, giving me the mental energy to pursue my passions. I am literally feeling the vitality returning to my body, soul and spirit.

My snowshoes have become my best friends, keeping me sane, energized and happy during the short, often frigid days of maritime winter. Thankfully, we have as much sunshine here as in the South of France….now if only the temperatures would rise a bit!


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