Thoughts Out of Season

2013-09-02 10.02.24Keeping in step with the rhythms of nature has always been a personal endeavor of mine. I even try to eat with the seasons. But now that I’m writing magazine articles I have to think out of season.

When everyone else is living in the moment on the beach, I’ll be planning Christmas related articles. I’m researching spring and summer foraging, and writing about swimming in the nearby brook while the view out my window is a winter wonderland.  If you want to be on trend as an article writer, you have to keep your mind in the future when it comes to writing about seasonal topics.

Lead times for most magazines are at the least two months for non-seasonal topics and up to one year for seasonal. Most of what I write has a seasonal time constraint. This takes a good deal of forethought when it comes to querying. I’ve already sent several queries for next Christmas and will send more in a month or two. Ideas for May and June will need to be out before the end of March. An article I sent to an editor in November was just published last month.

Fortunately, I am someone who likes to be prepared by planning ahead, so staying a step ahead of the seasons isn’t a totally foreign concept. I’m beginning to get used to it, and I’m sure it will become second nature to me eventually. But until then, I’ll have to get used to feeling a little out of sync with the present.

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