PAD Day 4: Prompt- Since______?

I wasn’t able to get to this until tonight, and I found this prompt the most challenging. I prefer a topic.


Since digging in the garden is out of the question today
I’ll dream of crumbly soil sifted between my fingers
Of earthworms escaping the tines of the digging fork
And reveling in the black gold at the bottom of the compost heap

Since there’s still deep layers of snow on the ground
I’ll dream of lettuce seedlings transplanted under the hoops
Of mache waking from hibernation picked for fresh salad
And the delicate cucumber taste of trout lily corms mixed with wild greens

Since spring is taking the scenic route
I’ll dream of bare feet on the sun-baked earth
Of the unlocked potential in newly sown carrot seeds
And the heady scent of just planted tomatoes, a promise of treasures to come

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