PAD Challenge Day 8 Prompt: Violence

The squawking grows louder and more intense
I fly out the door to see what the ruckus is about
All goes quiet and appears normal
Back inside the house the alarm goes up again
This time the crows and squirrels join in

I catch a glimpse of red and black on the fly
And notice a motionless heap on the ground
Soon all is made clear
The cycle of predator and prey closes in
Reducing the flock by two

The entrances blocked, I return to the kitchen
Only to be roused again by the siren call
.22 rifle in hand, I’m ready to kill
I spot the culprit but not before she sees me
And makes her escape

Another heap of lifeless feathers on the ground
The hen’s neck bleeding and bent, eyes glazed
After a few days segregation
She rallies and returns to the flock
But the scars remain

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