Writer’s Cramp

It never fails. With every new article, I’m hit with the “spirit of hesitation”. I do everything but get down to business. I’m hesitant to start the first lines, fearful I won’t be able to get my thoughts on paper, or worse, what I write won’t make any sense or be of interest to anyone. No matter how many times an article is published, the next one seems impossible to do. No matter how many accolades, pats on the back, or encouragements to keep writing, I hit the fear wall. It’s like I’ve never written before, and don’t have a clue what I’m doing, and think I’m out of my league, fooling myself.

Then I get over it, and simply write.

Blood sweat and tears. Write. Write. Write. Re-write. Re-write. Re-write. Slash and burn. Edit until it’s down to its barest form, and I feel worthy of being read by someone else.

Being published is no guarantee I’ll feel confident to continue writing. I just have to believe it’s what I’m meant to do, then do it. I have to remember it’s a job, and I have the tools to get it done.

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