It’s definitely been way too long since I wrote a new blog post. Living with a chronic disease can seriously cramp your lifestyle. I find myself getting angry these days, and I’m just really tired of the battle. Taking time to just be has become a bit of an obsession. However, as someone who loves to create, and already having being taken out of the game for the last couple of years, I’m finding it hard to want to unplug. It’s more of a need than a want. In fact, I’d say it’s vital to my continued recovery.


The financial pressure of being sick is what motivates me to push for more writing gigs which doesn’t make for the best creative atmosphere. And trying to live as normal as possible can be tiresome. So, I’ve decided to take an entire month off from “life”. I need the time to regroup and make some decisions about treatments and where to go from here in the next few months. Hope is intrinsic to healing, and my levels have plummeted lately–even though I’m feeling much better than I was. I’m not sure where the next month will lead me, but I know I need to investigate my options.

It’s good to step back from time to time in order to really see the big picture. I find when I do this I can see more clearly the minute details that are necessary to maintain a happy life. What about you, do you think you need to retreat for a time? I’d love to hear what you’re planning.

Merry Christmas, and a peace-filled, healthy New Year

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