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Why You May Never Know What My Resolutions Are

(Let me preface this by saying I’m not bashing anyone for making New Year’s resolutions. Although, you may want to read up on the statistics of how quickly they fizzle out. I’m simply sharing my own experience. No offense intended) … Continue reading

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It’s definitely been way too long since I wrote a new blog post. Living with a chronic disease can seriously cramp your lifestyle. I find myself getting angry these days, and I’m just really tired of the battle. Taking time … Continue reading

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Writer’s Cramp

It never fails. With every new article, I’m hit with the “spirit of hesitation”. I do everything but get down to business. I’m hesitant to start the first lines, fearful I won’t be able to get my thoughts on paper, … Continue reading

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The Bright Side of Rejection: When No means Yes

I’ve been writing for a regional magazine for the past few months. They rarely say no to my ideas. Bolstered by their unfettered yeses, I decided it was time to spread my wings a bit and pitch to a slightly … Continue reading

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Weeding and the Contemplative Life

I used to hate weeding the garden, especially as a kid in my grandfather’s veggie patch. (He was way too particular for my wandering attention span) When I finally had my own beds, procrastination was the name of the weeding … Continue reading

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Bored? Maybe You’re a Product of Cultural Conditioning.

I’ve been thinking about boredom a lot lately. Not because I’m bored. The opposite is actually the case. I wish I had more hours in the day and weeks in the month to do even a fraction of the things … Continue reading

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Get Organized: A Personalized a System

I’m not a naturally organized person, but I can’t work in chaos. I have to be diligent to keep some kind of structure in my personal life. Now that I’m working from home, I have double the need to get … Continue reading

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